5 Refreshing Freehand Nail Arts to try out now!

Freehand nail art might sound scary at a time when you are one of those who hits parlor to pamper your nails. You might find it as a hard DIY in case you have the right tools missing but don’t forget that a girl should have 2 things, beautiful nails, and fabulous toes. This sounds interesting enough to make up your mind and choose a snazzynail polish art to go with.

Happy girls have the prettiest nails and it is actually fun trying out the freehand styles with a couple of awesome hues of your choice. The finished look is unbelievable when you try out the trending-ins and give a hint of gorgeousness to your beautiful nails. Before you begin with any particular art style, get your nails ready with crystal glass nail file and get crystal smooth and shiny nails in no time. Obviously, you can look for tutorials on youtube for the most loved design we are about to show you. Enjoy!

1. Tropical Nails

Tropical nails are the hottest choices to kick off summer in style and when summers are here, you need to make sure you embrace it with your freshly painted truly-tropical-theme nails. When it is about matching the sassy summer outfits, don’t forget to count your nails too.

Experimenting is the only way you can explore things you never did before. You can literally hop-in to hundreds of tropical nail art styles which have certain things in common like the flowers, black silhouettes, sea, turtles, watermelon, coconut and similar elements which sweetly resemble the marine features.

Bright colors like orange, yellow, neon pink and aquamarine shades will work out really well here.When you are not sure if you can go freehand like a pro, you can also choose a chic white base and shade up the leaves on the middle two fingers and you’re tropical ready!

2. Geode Nails

Getting bored of nail art is next to impossible. Geode nails are perfectly mesmerizing arts you can do to your nails. Show your nail obsession with a sensational geode. The most amazing thing about geode art is you can explode dark and light combination in the way you want it to.

3. Star Nails

Be it outfits or nails, girls just want to dress up like a star and have fun. Is this reminding you of some amazeballs star art nails. Stars could be the easiest pattern to try on your nails as a beginner and no need to mention the numbers of styles which can be engraved by a pro with just a star pattern. It’s a simple and sophisticated casual nail style. You can bring the entire galaxy together with just a star. So, what do you think about this?

4. Rainbow Nails

Rainbow nails are evergreen. Like rainbow fills our hearts with refreshing vibes, so can the seven colors on your nails will look so pretty. Oh, wait! Why would you use paint all the time when the transparent nail paint and seven color glitters can do it all?Just imagine the shimmering nails in the pleasing colors of the rainbow and it is not a big deal when you own the awe-inspiring 48-color Glass Bottled Nail Art Decoration Kitwhich you can use over and over again for any nail art you want to do.

5. Matte please!

Life is too short to have naked nails and what’s classier when you have matte!Nail art is the perfect way to express you and let you matte nails speak for your swanky choice. Black matte nails are all time favorite and are an effortless freehand style to carry and nobody ever denies the pastel hues. Add a twist to your matte nails with decorative beads, bow and more. Money cannot buy happiness but it can definitely buy the240 Pc 3D Metal Nail Art Decoration Sticker set to make nail art even more exciting, isn’t it?

So girls, Keep calm and polish on. Discover startling nail paints and nail art accessories now!