Survive Your Hottest Date Night with Plush Make-up

So you just hooked-up and planning for a date with him? Whether he is your faithful beau who is treating you to a night off the couch or it’s just a real meet with Tinder-boo, you don’t need to worry who will help you out. We will help you make sure that your face stays in place with best and long-lasting makeup at utterly affordable rates.

Make-up is an art and not everyone is an artist.It is not a cup of tea for all but it’s not mining too! Every pro was once a beginner and this is enough reason to motivate you.Keep your outfit in mind and it will make you choose the pairing shades easily. Everyone wants to look different but natural and the best thing about being natural is that it takes make-up! Let’s begin.

Blow it with a Foundation Base

Think of the moment you are greeting your date, that first-hug and cheek-peck combo is a horrible territory for make-up transfer. The First impression is the last impression and you will definitely not like to spoil it on the very first take. However, if it gets steamy later on, you can swipe-it-off or with cotton but still, you wish that things go well. Try this foundation, which forms a great base on which you can streamline your facial look like a diva. It promises to stick to your face until you order the make-up remover to take-it away from you.

The best kind of make-up is the one which does not feel like wearing it. This holds so true when you go for a lightweight foundation which hides your acne and leaves your skin with a natural shine.Glowing skin is always in!

Let the eyes do the talking

Don’t cry over if this date turns out to be oops because your eyeliner and mascara are just too pretty! Get a liner which doesn’t get rubbed away and makes your date fall in love with your dreamy eyes. Spell the magic with your eyes and he will not stop following you up for the next meet. Your eye-palette is five awesome accessories – brow pencil, eye-shadow, liner, mascara, and lashes.

Eyebrows – The one thing you can get into shape without exercising. It gets even appealing when you align it with a contrasting brow pencil. Go for it first.

Moving downwards, smoky eyes could be the next sensational move to die for. You can make it as Babelicious as you want it to. You are bold enough to make that eye-freezing look like a pro.

Show off the strength of your soul with a smudge-proof and shimmery gel liner. Wing it!Last but not the least, you are not perfect but your lashes can be. Outline your eyes with beautiful lash-extensions. You don’t even need to apply mascara here as your lashes will do it all.

Lit it up with a Lipstick

‘When in doubt, wear red’ holds so true for your sassy lips. Spill your heart on nude shades, which are the hottest demand of the season. At least you will not have to rush again and again to the washroom for touch-up with our lasting stay lip colors. Always remember that lips without lipstick are like cake without frosting and you just cannot afford to be anything but classy. Make your lip-locks whooping with a sculpting matte which gets to be your statement pout too! It is not easy to pull off the matte look but with the right brand, you can simply be flawless in minutes. How about this?

A Little Blush never hurts!

Meeting someone you love makes you glow from within and when you are on a date, each of your expressions isbeing noted. Let the blush say it all. Give a glowing finish to your cheeks with a highlighter stick or a keep it high with a blusher.

Finish off your face with a setting spray. Make-up, get-set& go! Choose whatever you want but be your own kind of beautiful and never forget that a smile is the best makeup any girl can wear.