Digital TDS Meter Tester Pen Tap Bottled Water Quality Filter Purity Monitor Blue

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  • 1 x TDS Meter Tester Pen
  • Digital TDS Meter Tester Pen Tap Bottled Water Quality Filter Purity Monitor is used to detect how bad water is in regard to quality and in relation to expected standards. TDS means total dissolved solids, the amount of mineral and water salts in water. It is all white, and the head cap is translucent. Users will read the TDS water values on a LCD display located on the middle upper position of the pen. It comes with a detection sensor, which basically functions when a metal goes into contact with the water being tested. It measures water quality on parts per million scale. A practical tool!
    • Automatic shutdown: automatically shut down after 10 minutes
    • The pen electrode can be directly inserted into in the drinking water bottle
    • Easy cleaning: the electrode sheath can be drawn, easy to clean the probe and jacket
    • Titanium alloy material reduces the magnetic disturbance in the water
    • With leather case, portable, small and light weight, easy to carry
    • Wide testing range 0~9990PPM
    • LCD screen, long battery life
    • The electrode can immerse into the aqueous solution directly; the protective cap 9. Can be regarded as a container of aqueous solution!
    • High accuracy and auto temperature compensation

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    SKU HO86013969S
    Color Blue
    Material Plastic
    Weight 2.12oz / 60g
    Dimensions (5.91 x 1.06 x 0.79)" / (15 x 2.7 x 2)cm (L x W x H)
    Display Type Digital
    DIY Supplies Plumbing
    Backlight Yes
    Model ZC164800