With the ever increasing use and popularity of various kinds of music, we have witnessed a rise in the kind of digital and electronic devices that are used to support the same. Digitized music has become more popular giving rise to the onset of EDM which is produced using various interfaces of digital media. In such world speakers and earphones have had a rapid growth spurt as they are the main devices used to listen to this music. Other forms of audio in the form of movies, videos etc is also widely consumed making Wireless smart earphones an interesting approach.


People need to multi-task and cannot be limited by the physical restriction of having to stay within the range of the earphone wires. The need for privacy eliminates the option of playing loud audios to solve this problem. The invention of Wireless smart earphones steps in to take things a notch up here. These earphone use Bluetooth connectivity in order to pair to devices like smartphones, laptops, televisions, etc. One can then choose to listen to audios of their choice from these devices without any physical restraints. This can be particularly beneficial for creative departments like dancing, theatre, etc.