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Refurbished Replacement Analog Stick + Analog Thumbsticks Cap for Xbox 360

Price: $2.31

Availability: In stock

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Refurbished Replacement Analog Stick for Xbox 360
  • 1 x Controller Thumbsticks Cap for Xbox 360
  • This is the combination products. Including Analog Replacement Switch for Xbox 360 Controller and Controller Thumbsticks Thumb Joysticks for Xbox 360. With reasonable price and good quality, used to replace your old items. Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to get it.

    Refurbished Replacement Analog Stick for Xbox 360

    • For sale is a replacement analog switch
    • This is a direct high quality replacement for the xbox 360 controller, not a knock off like others you might see on eBay
    • This analog is exact spec as the original one on the Microsoft controller
    • The switch pinout and shaft size is the same. The potentiometers are also identical
    • If your analog switch is broken or sloppy it is repairable
    • You will need to know how to solder to do this repair
    • There are about 8 solder points,all pretty straight forward
    • Also you will need a security T8 screwdriver, which I have for sale
    • Discount shipping on multiple items

    Controller Thumbsticks Cap for Xbox 360 Gray

    • Helpful replacement for your broken or damaged thumbstick cap
    • Designed for either wired or wireless controllers
    • Not easy to break and drop from your controller
    • A reliable product at reasonable price

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    SKU BLBD000362S