WIFI Routers & Modems

The internet and its involvement in our daily life are beyond comparison with any other essential. It has become an integral part of our daily activities as the activities themselves. In this scenario, Wifi router and modems are a common sight in our offices, homes and workplaces. A modem is the main device that provides an access to the internet, and a router is connected to the modem to provide a pathway for the same. For a sound internet connection, your modem is required to be connected to a wireless router which then establishes a connectivity of your device.



A router comes into play when the wireless feature of internet connectivity is considered. For example, it can be integral in providing a data connection to your laptop or any other device which is not physically connected to a network. The router needs to be plugged into the modem using an ethernet cable. The router helps to share this connectivity with the help of radio signals. The modem can be used in the case where a physical connection needs to be established, using a LAN port. Therefore, Wifi router and modem together constitute an integral part of our technological surroundings.